Schelley Cassidy



In October 2019, when Schelley Cassidy lost her third job since 2016, it was the last straw. The 53-year-old became very depressed and even began having suicidal thoughts. She knew she needed help. That's when she called the Behavioral Health Center at Capital Regional. "The person I spoke with had me come in the next day for a mental health assessment," she said. "It was the best investment I've made in myself."

Schelley was admitted to the center's 5-week intensive outpatient therapy program. "The lead counselor is an angel on Earth," she said. "I learned that my life has value. I made a lot of friends and found true compassion and understanding there. They really saved my life." Schelley and others she met in therapy still meet on a regular basis as an informal support group.

Schelley is rebuilding her business and credits the care and awareness she received at Capital Regional for giving her the tools to cope.

The Behavioral Health Center's Outpatient Services offers both a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program. Schelley participated in the outpatient program that includes 15 hours of therapeutic group activities each week.

The center provides treatment for adults (18+) suffering from a range of mental health issues including depression and/or anxiety, psychiatric disorders, crisis situations, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief/loss issues, mood swings, inability to sleep, trouble focusing or completing tasks, and difficulties at work or school.