Kreiner Green

Kreiner Green's weight had been an issue her entire life. "When I was in 3rd grade the bus driver called me 'heavy duty' because of my weight. I didn't want to go to school because I was teased," she said. "By middle school I was able to lose some weight but after high school and marriage I started gaining again. I tried every diet out there but would just yo-yo - lose weight and gain it back."

At her heaviest, she weighed 203 pounds but said it seemed like a lot more on her five foot frame. At 43, she knew she needed to try something different in order to improve her life. "I went to the Bariatric Center at Capital Regional. I went to classes on nutrition and received counseling that helped me work through why I wanted the surgery and to make sure it was right for me."

She made an appointment with Anthony Wright, MD, a general surgeon with Capital Regional Surgical Associates, and began the process of preparing for a sleeve gastrectomy, a bariatric surgery that reduces the size of the stomach and has less potential side effects and complications, and better long-term results than other approaches.

"Ms. Green wasn't at the point where she had to get it done but wanted it to prevent further issues with her health," said Dr. Wright. "Rapid swings in weight like she had experienced for years can be very detrimental. She also had asthma and sleep apnea which were made worse by the additional weight."

Ms. Green said that the help she has received since the surgery from staff at the Bariatric Center has been vital to her success. "The nutrition classes reinforce that you really need to be conscious about what you put in your body. Once you have the surgery you need to change the way you eat, the quantity, frequency, and quality. You want to make sure you are getting good nutrition and not eating empty calories because your stomach can only hold so much."

Dr. Wright performed Ms. Green's surgery in March 2018, so she's just getting started on her weight loss and new lifestyle journey but already she feels a big difference. "I can walk up the stairs at work and not be winded," she said. "I'm breathing better, sleeping better with no snoring, and just feeling better about life in general." To remind herself to stay focused on her weight loss goal she carries a 'before' picture in her wallet as a motivator.

"To anyone who has lived with this kind of up and down weight issue, I would recommend the Bariatric Center at Capital Regional and Dr. Wright. They are a great resource and provide ongoing support to me."