• Kreiner Green

    Kreiner Green's weight had been an issue her entire life. "When I was in 3rd grade the bus driver called me 'heavy duty' because of my weight. I didn't want to go to school because I was teased," she said. "By middle school I was able to lose some weight but after high school and marriage I started gaining again. I tried every diet out there but would just yo-yo - lose weight and gain it back."

  • Donna Harvey

    Like many women, 51- year-old Donna Harvey had an ongoing yo-yo type of relationship with her weight. As a mother of four (including a set of twins) she would gain pounds, but had always been able to drop the baby weight post pregnancy.

  • Phil Horning

    bariatric center


    Phil Horning was desperate to lose weight. After three years of attempting to have his bariatric surgery covered by insurance, he was planning a trip to Mexico to undergo the procedure. “I was so desperate for help, I was willing to risk my health and even my life for closure of this lifelong problem,” he said.

  • Mario Hernandez

    Mario Hernandez accomplished a lot after retiring from the Department of Justice, where he served as a Lieutenant in a federal prison. He had a beautiful wife of 33 years, two children and five grandchildren to dote on.

  • Natosha Faul

    bariatric center


    Natosha Faul says having bariatric surgery at Capital Regional Medical Center is the best decision she’s ever made. The 37-year-old Tallahassee resident had struggled with her weight most of her life.