Gloria Moore

cancer , mammography


After having a lumpectomy in her right breast in 2005, Gloria Moore said she 'religiously' scheduled her annual mammogram. Those regular screenings revealed no cancer until mid-year 2017. "I was called back in for a biopsy," she said. "Those results came back positive for cancer in both breasts. I was devastated."

Ms. Moore's primary care physician, Shamil Castro, MD, of Capital Regional Medical Group-Southwood, offered a level of comfort to me that was so different, than she had experienced before from other physicians. "Dr. Castro is an awesome lady," she said. "I was so upset, and she hugged me and comforted me. Her entire staff was the same. It only takes a few minutes to be kind, but it means so much."

Dr. Castro contacted Capital Regional Surgical Associates, and Rohan Joseph, MD, a surgeon, offered Ms. Moore that same level of comfort. "I knew that I was in good hands," she said. "Dr. Joseph contacted Pareshkumar Patel, MD, my oncologist, who was also very helpful and prepared me for what to expect after my surgery."

In September, Dr. Joseph performed a double mastectomy on Ms. Moore. "Before the surgery, the anesthesiologist came in and held my hand," she said. "I told him he had calming hands. I went into surgery feeling at peace." During the surgery, my plastic surgeon, Alfredo Paredes, MD, was called in to assist. The 67-year-old said at this point she might not have to have full reconstructive surgery. "It is pretty amazing what he was able to do using adhesive rather than stitches."

Following her surgery, Ms. Moore said the staff at Capital Regional Medical Center was the best she had ever experienced. "My husband and daughter said the staff explained what to expect and helped them better understand what my recovery would be like. I remember being cold, so they swaddled me in warm blankets. They brought me food and just made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. I really appreciated the breast cancer navigation team for all of the information and support they gave me upon my release from the hospital."

Several months following her surgery, Ms. Moore is doing well. "My lymph nodes were removed, and I didn't have to receive chemotherapy or radiation. I'm so grateful to all of the physicians and staff at Capital Regional Medical Center. I feel like I was in such good hands. They made me feel like they really wanted to give me the best care and comfort possible. I knew that they knew what they were doing. When you are going through this type of experience, having that confidence means the world to a patient."