Laura and Michael Gibson


Laura and Michael Gibson are no strangers to Capital Regional Medical Center, or health care in general. He's the Director of Information Technology at the hospital and she's a medical transcriptionist. He's worked for the hospital and its parent company for many years. But it was a recent accident involving their two teenage daughters that gave them a different perspective on the quality of care provided to patients.

"Our daughters were involved in a rollover car accident," said Mrs. Gibson. "When we arrived on the scene, they appeared to be alright but we wanted them checked out immediately." Mr. Gibson drove them to the hospital while she waited for their car to be removed. "By the time I made it to the hospital they were already being taken care of."

Mrs. Gibson said both her 14 and 17 year-old girls were a bit in shock, but the staff in the Pediatric ER at Capital Regional made them feel comfortable and secure. "They are all really good, friendly and calm with the patients." The Pediatric ER is a child-friendly environment that helps soothe anxiety and makes children feel more comfortable. Instead of being treated in the same area as adults with varying injuries, this part of the Emergency Department is for patients under 18 only.

Both girls underwent exams and testing for internal injuries but thankfully, both were released with no problems identified from the accident. "The girls are doing great and we're just very grateful to the staff at the hospital," she said. "There's something very personal and compassionate about the way the staff delivers care at Capital Regional.

Compared to other hospitals, it's less chaotic, there's less of a wait, and it's just a quieter and friendlier environment. I've told all my friends and family, if you have a choice in an emergency, go to Capital Regional Medical Center."