Ernie Ledington

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Ernie Ledington is the busy CEO of Advanced Access Control of Tallahassee. So it isn’t unusual that he tried to ignore the bouts of severe pain he was having due to chronic diverticulitis. “A while back surgery was recommended,” said Ernie, “but I kept putting it off.” Until one week in January when the pain became nearly unbearable and he drove himself to the Emergency Room at Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC). “The antibiotics weren’t working and I knew I needed to get help.”

What happened after he arrived at Capital Regional inspired the long-time Tallahassee resident and businessman to pen a letter to hospital administrators about the extraordinary experience he had at the facility. “I was totally amazed with the care,” he wrote. “This hospital should be considered a role model for all facilities in the medical field. From triage to discharge, the level of care and compassion was off the charts!”

On arrival, he was quickly triaged by a nurse and placed in an exam room. “The ER was very busy with many folks having what I thought were more critical problems. But at no time did I feel like I was being neglected. The ER staff is the most professional, patient, accurate medical people I have had the pleasure of meeting.”

Ernie’s stay at CRMC was no minor matter. Upon examination, it was determined that a portion of his colon was close to being perforated. General Surgeon Roy Schwartz, M.D. was called in to consult on the case. “Dr. Schwartz was very thorough in his exam,” said Ernie. “He wanted to make sure I was a perfect candidate for the surgery he would later recommend.” Dr. Schwartz determined that his patient needed a sigmoid colon resection. “He removed four centimeters of my colon and I was able to heal very well without the use of a colostomy bag.”

Ernie’s appreciation for his Capital Regional experience isn’t based solely on clinical care. While he says the medical expertise was second to none, it was the fact that everyone from the ER to housekeeping to food services to the surgical and nursing staff was “simply top-notch.” And one person who had nothing to do with his care at all stood out the most. “Because I drove myself to the hospital, my truck was in the ER parking lot,” he explained. “As they were admitting me I mentioned I was worried because my tool boxes were in the back.” Shortly after he mentioned his concerns, the head of plant operations at the hospital appeared in his room to get his keys and give him an assurance that his vehicle and tools would be safe. “After that he stopped by my room every day to check on me, make sure that everything was in working order, and to say hello. I now consider him a friend.”

“I’ve had experiences at other local hospitals, and I’ve had multiple experiences at CMRC so I can make a fair comparison,” said Ernie. “I would tell other people if you have a choice and you want the very best medical care and service possible go to CRMC! I truly feel there is no other facility that can top this hospital in providing the level of care, expertise in treatment, and offering patients compassion and respect. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”