Crystal Cromartie White



Crystal Cromartie White works in the business office of a health care facility. She knows how important it is for patients to feel truly satisfied with their experience when it comes to being cared for in a hospital. That's why she's quick to praise the team at Capital Regional's Family Center for the treatment she and her family received during the recent birth of her second child, Evelyn Grace.

“What started as a problem ended up being a blessing,” she said. “Late in my pregnancy I had to find a new obstetrician. I was fortunate that Shawn Ramsey, DO, agreed to take me as a patient when I was seven months along.” Dr. Ramsey is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and practices with Capital Regional Women's Heath. “He recommended Capital Regional and I'm so glad he did.”

Crystal says, “The level of care, the attentiveness of the nurses, the custodial staff, everyone we came in contact with was exceptionally caring and friendly.” She said most impressive was the level of communication not only with her, but between the staff as well. “Communication was a huge thing. They explained everything that was going on with me and my daughter. I didn't get that during the birth of my first child eleven months ago.”

Crystal says all aspects of her stay were excellent. “It's a very clean facility. The housekeeping staff came in several times to make sure the room was clean. They were so friendly. We were on a first-name basis by the time I left. They wouldn't over-stay their welcome, but they took the time to chat. No one there made me feel like I was bothering them.”

She says the candle-lit dinner for she and her husband was a nice touch as well. “It was overall a very positive experience. It's the way the birth of your child should be. I recommend Capital Regional to everyone, and, in particular, their birthing services. They far exceeded my expectations.”