Catherine Olivent


Catherine Olivent says that at 79-years-old, the deterioration of her vertebra was caused from life-long wear and tear. But developing arthritis made her condition more complicated and definitely more painful.

"I had surgery in Georgia in 2013 to fix a disc," she said. "But the pain never went away. After an MRI showed that my condition had progressed, I decided to go to Capital Regional Medical Center instead." Mrs. Olivent made an appointment with Matthew Lee, MD, a board-certified orthopedic and spine surgeon.

Dr. Lee performed anterior cervical fusion on Ms. Olivent to support the vertebra. She says that she is so glad she went to Capital Regional Medical Center. "Initially I wanted to go there because it is closer to my hometown of Bainbridge, Georgia. But I had such a great experience. Everyone is super nice. It's a quiet and calm place. All of the staff were very caring. The therapists that helped me walk each day were just terrific. If you have to be in a hospital, Capital Regional is the place to go."