Carla Robles


Carla Robles is an active, healthy 64-year-old. She works as a substance abuse consultant for the Department of Children and Families in Tallahassee. So, when she tripped on a root protruding from a sidewalk and sustained a spinal injury, her life was turned upside down.

Ms. Robles went to see Matthew Lee, MD, a board-certified orthopedic & spine surgeon. "I couldn't walk," she said. "My spine had collapsed. Dr. Lee diagnosed me with cervical myelopathy as a result of the fall. He recommended anterior cervical fusion to fix the problem."

Cervical myelopathy occurs at the back of the neck as a result of compression of the spinal cord. The bundle of nerves in the spinal cord send signals to the rest of the body and brain. When it is compressed the signals are blocked. Anterior cervical fusion is a procedure that decompresses the vertebrae and allows the patient to regain their mobility.

"This is a significant and complex surgery. Dr. Lee and his entire team involved in my procedure are exceptional," she said. "That was the best hospital experience I've ever had. My profession takes me into a lot of healthcare settings and this place is the best. The staff is so responsive and took care of me without being annoying."

"I can't say enough good things about Capital Regional Medical Center. I absolutely recommend them to all my family and friends."