Anna Hines


Shortly, after her husband passed away in 2014, Anna Hines couldn't get out of bed. She was in too much pain to walk. A doctor visit revealed a problem with the discs in her spine and suspicion of early stage Parkinson's Disease. Initially, she was treated with injections but as her condition progressed, a referral to the Outpatient Physical Therapy Department at Capital Regional Medical Center set the 75-year-old on a path to a stronger, more mobile lifestyle.

"I'm doing better now because of my three months of therapy there," said Mrs. Hines. "I can't say enough about how well they care for their patients. They really have a heart for people. I had a very, very emotional day and my therapist just sat down with me and listened. They catered to both my physical and emotional needs. It means so much when you can go in and not have fear and anxiety. They talked to me and treated me like a family member."

Mrs. Hines therapy consisted of two visits per week for three months. "They worked with me and taught me exercises to do at home once I was discharged from their service. I'm walking a half mile a day as weather permits. I can move better and I'm doing all of my home exercises. I'm also going to Capital Regional's Wellness Center for exercise in an effort to further strengthen my muscles."

While Mrs. Hines tests for Parkinson's came back negative she says managing her back pain will be an ongoing process for the rest of her life. "This is something I'm living with and I'm so grateful to all of the wonderful staff at Capital Regional. Everyone there is so friendly, nice, and truly care for me. I want to say thank you to all of them!"