• Anna Hines


    Shortly, after her husband passed away in 2014, Anna Hines couldn't get out of bed. She was in too much pain to walk.

  • Deborah Pace

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    At age 54, then Deborah Jones, didn't think she had any serious health issues. She had asthma and high blood pressure, but those were being controlled by medication. So when she began having breathing difficulties on an October morning in 2014, she assumed it was the asthma acting up. Instead she was experiencing a life-threatening heart attack that would take her to Capital Regional Medical Center for expert care.

  • Andrew Atkinson

    Andrew Atkinson knows what quality cardiac care is. It's not just because he is a registered nurse caring for patients in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Capital Regional Medical Center. It's because he's also been a patient in that same unit and credits the team with saving his life.

  • Donna Harvey

    Like many women, 51- year-old Donna Harvey had an ongoing yo-yo type of relationship with her weight. As a mother of four (including a set of twins) she would gain pounds, but had always been able to drop the baby weight post pregnancy.

  • Phil Horning

    bariatric center


    Phil Horning was desperate to lose weight. After three years of attempting to have his bariatric surgery covered by insurance, he was planning a trip to Mexico to undergo the procedure. “I was so desperate for help, I was willing to risk my health and even my life for closure of this lifelong problem,” he said.

  • Sandy Halperin



    Dr. Sandy Halperin doesn't remember everything that happened between his arrival at Capital Regional Medical Center for scheduled surgery and waking up in his room afterward, but he does remember how the team at his hospital of choice made him feel about the care he received.

  • Ernie Ledington

    emergency care


    Ernie Ledington is the busy CEO of Advanced Access Control of Tallahassee. So it isn’t unusual that he tried to ignore the bouts of severe pain he was having due to chronic diverticulitis.

  • Patrick Slevin

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    Patrick Slevin loves a good challenge. In 1996, at the age of 27, he took on a political challenge and was elected mayor of Safety Harbor, Fl, the youngest GOP mayor in the nation at that time.

  • William Hinson

    emergency care , heart care


    When William Hinson, a 67-year-old resident of Havana, had a heart attack and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in April 2013, everything happened so fast.

  • Natosha Faul

    bariatric center


    Natosha Faul says having bariatric surgery at Capital Regional Medical Center is the best decision she’s ever made. The 37-year-old Tallahassee resident had struggled with her weight most of her life.

  • Kimberlee Quinlan

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    Kimberlee Quinlan of Tallahassee will always remember January 26, 2013. That Thursday afternoon, she was saddling up her beloved horse Poppe’ when he got spooked and bolted. Later that same day, Kimberlee learned that she had breast cancer.

  • Kent Johnson

    emergency care


    As the owner of Florida Motor Sports dealership,Tallahassee resident Kent Johnson is always on the go, but one Friday in March, he was forced to slow down when he began experiencing pain in his lower right side.

  • Gene Wright

    emergency care , heart care


    Gene Wright, mayor of the panhandle town of Malone, Florida, knows what he is talking about when he says Capital Regional Medical Center is one of the best hospitals around.

  • Pete Butler

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    At 77 years old, Pete Butler has traveled the globe. From his military service, to working in U.S. Senator Richard Stone’s office and representing military and veteran’s affairs for the State of Florida, his view of the world is broad.

  • Debra Taylor


    For years, 58-year-old Debra Taylor was faithful about getting her annual mammogram. But for some reason she just didn't get around to having the all-important screening exam in 2013.

  • Mario Hernandez

    Mario Hernandez accomplished a lot after retiring from the Department of Justice, where he served as a Lieutenant in a federal prison. He had a beautiful wife of 33 years, two children and five grandchildren to dote on.

  • Tommy Ailstock

    heart care


    2013 was a bad year for Tommy Ailstock. He lost his mother, brother, and father in a series of unexpected deaths that took a toll on the health of the 59-year-old electrician.