About The Wellness Program

Capital Regional’s Cardiac Wellness Program is designed to assist residents of the Big Bend with the pursuit of health and wellness by providing instruction in expertly developed, individualized exercise programs in a professionally supervised setting.

That being said, we recognize that it is not easy to begin an exercise program, especially for those living with medical condition(s) that make exercise more difficult or risky, or for those who have never been physically active.

Therefore, the Wellness Program provides individuals with guidance and supervision by certified and experienced exercise physiologists who are equipped to work alongside individuals with various medical conditions and help them develop and implement safe and effective exercise programs that address each person’s specific needs and restrictions.

Who Can Join?

The program is specifically designed for those with preexisting medical conditions or cardiovascular disease risk factors (i.e., sedentary lifestyle, dyslipidemia, prediabetes, obesity, and hypertension) that may complicate exercise or make it more risky. A physician referral is required.

What Will I Do?

An experienced exercise physiologist will develop an individualized exercise program to increase your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and balance. Each program is created with individual goals, limitations and strengths in mind.

Exercise sessions last approximately 60-75 minutes & typically include:

  • Warm-up
  • 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular & resistance exercise
  • Cool down

Participants may choose to attend 2-3 sessions a week, with a recommended duration of at least 36 sessions.

Will Someone Be There to Help Me?

Absolutely! You will have the support and encouragement of a team of exercise physiologists who will instruct and guide you on your journey to better health. You will also have the camaraderie of other members of the Wellness Program who have experienced some of the same challenges you may have experienced.

How Do I Join?

A physician referral is required to join the program. Following the receipt of the physician referral, an appointment will be scheduled with our nurse to evaluate your medical history.

Then our staff will work with you to schedule your orientation and exercise sessions. Please contact our staff for scheduling.

Call (850) 325-5268 to get started!

How Much Does it Cost?

Exercise sessions with the Wellness Program are $4.00. You may elect to pay for 12, 24, or 36 sessions at a time due before your first exercise session.

Exercise Sessions Price
12 Sessions $48.00
24 Sessions $96.00
36 Sessions $144.00

We accept check, cash (exact change) or credit card. We do NOT accept insurance, of any kind. Payment is due before participation in exercise sessions. No refunds will be issued for unused sessions.

Cardiac Wellness Program

The Cardiac Wellness Program at Capital Regional Medical Center is a "Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation Program," that teaches patients how to make lifelong changes toward a healthy and active lifestyle. Our main goal is to help patients with cardiovascular health conditions regain cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength for everyday life. Patients with cardiovascular risk factors or diagnosis that have a physician's referred consent are welcome to join.

Specialized exercises are customized to each patient's strengths and limitations. Our staff will evaluate your medical history and develop an individualized exercise program for you. Patients can expect a warm-up, 30-60 minutes of exercise (cardiovascular and strength training), and a cool-down. Heart rate and blood pressure are monitored before, during, and after exercise. You will also receive support and encouragement for fellow cardiac wellness members, as well as our staff.

A physician's referral is required to join the Cardiac Wellness Program. Sessions are $60.00 for 15 sessions.

To learn more about the Cardiac Wellness Program at Capital Regional Medical Center, call (850) 325-5268.