The Capital Regional Animal Therapy program is a unique way that we show compassion to our patients, their families and even our hospital staff. Animal Therapy visits lift the spirits of our patients and help them reconnect and give them unconditional love which boosts their mental and physical health. Dogs have proven to be beneficial to our health by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels.

The patient controls each visit's length and activities. Some patients may choose to enjoy the animal from a distance or, depending on their physical strength, the patient can choose to have the animal lie close enough to be stroked or brushed. Changing the patient's focus from discomfort to happiness is the ultimate goal.

With physician approval, any Capital Regional patient can request an Animal Therapy visit. If appropriate, animal-assisted therapy can be incorporated into a patient's care plan.

To learn more about the our Animal Therapy program, call Capital Regional at (850) 325-5000.