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Rick A Damron, MD

Rick A Damron, MD

Internal Medicine
Rick Damron, MD, specializes in internal medicine. He earned his medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and completed an internal medicine residency, serving as Chief Resident, at the Holston Valley Community Hospital in Kingsport, TN. Dr. Damron has been practicing medicine in the Tallahassee community since 1983 and is a founding member of the Medical Group of North Florida. He is a member of the Capital Regional Medical Group Network. His involvement with medical associations spans a range of roles, from chairing committees for the Capital Medical Society and Capital Regional Medical Center to serving as a member of the Florida Medical Association and the Florida Society of Internal Medicine. Community service is also important to Dr. Damron, having committed time to the Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Drug Awareness Committee of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.


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