Tallahassee, Fla. — Capital Regional Medical Center announced today, that the first distribution of the Moderna vaccine arrived to Capital Regional Medical Center to be securely stored and safely administered. Frontline healthcare colleagues are scheduling their vaccination appointments as the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is now a reality. "The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine is a pivotal turning point in our fight against this virus. The progress that has been made in these past few months is astounding. We are grateful to be able to provide this added protection to our care team members who have been an immense source of strength and support for our communities," said Ann Smith, Chief Nursing Officer. "As vaccine supplies steadily increase, our goal is to make the vaccine available to every colleague who wishes to receive it. Although the vaccine will not be mandatory, we believe it is a major step in ending the pandemic."

Clinical and emergency operations teams at Capital Regional Medical Center followed U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance in the development of detailed internal plans which include state and federal recommendations for vaccine storage and administration processes. At this time, Capital Regional is only administering the vaccine to employees per guidelines from the CDC. Capital Regional Medical Center will continue to follow rigorous practices for ensuring the safety of patients, colleagues and visitors. The hospital will also continue to promote mask wearing, good hand hygiene and social distancing to our colleagues and our community members in their daily lives. "National experts have stressed that continuing these practices will be important, even after vaccines become available to the public," said Trey Blake, MD, Chief Medical Officer. "COVID-19 vaccination and following the CDC's recommendations for how to protect ourselves is the best way to prevent contracting and spreading COVID-19".

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