Tallahassee, FL – Capital Regional Celebrates Employee Wellness Week with Support & Encouragement For the second year in row, Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC) will celebrate Employee Wellness Week in April to focus the attention of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of one's own health. Several activities will be held, April 8-12 with an emphasis on supporting each employee to adopt healthy behaviors. “At Capital Regional Medical Center our employees are our greatest asset. The work they do every day providing care and service to our patients and customers is extremely important to our success. As such a valuable asset, we want to invest in their health and well-being. Many times that means being mindful to participate in daily exercise, eat well and manage stress to improve quality of life.” says Brian Cook, President & CEO. Throughout the week CRMC will honor “Wellness Champions.” These are employees who have inspired others by their own healthy lifestyles choices or encourage others to get out to exercise or watch out for those extra calories. Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer and it increases heart disease risk two fold. Many CRMC employees have taken advantage of Capital Regional’s H2U Health Coaching Program to quit tobacco. Capital Regional encourages employees to “Adopt a Smoker” whether it is a family member or a fellow employee to support their choice to quit tobacco. They can sign an “Empathy Pledge” and give up an item they desire, such as chocolate or sodas for the week as their “adoptee” gives up tobacco. In order to highlight the importance of regular exercise, “Walking Leaders” will lead groups around the hospital walking route that is marked by “Hearts.” For those that walk with an organized group, they will receive a coupon for a free healthy breakfast during Wellness Week. Capital Regional will also host an Employee Health Fair and several community vendors will provide information on fitness, weight loss, tobacco cessation, health and well-being. On-site classes such as Weight Watchers and Cardio-Yoga will also be available.