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Vanda Ragans - Double Mastectomy

Vanda Ragans knows the importance of getting a mammogram every year. It was because of a routine annual screening that this 55 year-old Tallahassee resident learned that she had early breast cancer. “When you discover you have cancer, you just want it out of you,” says Vanda. That’s why I’m glad everything happened so quickly.”

Vanda went in for her mammogram in July of 2011, and was diagnosed with carcinoma of the milk glands within about a week. She was able to get in immediately for a consult with Kathy Langston, M.D., a general surgeon with Capital Regional Surgical Associates.

“My experience with Dr. Langston was phenomenal, Vanda says. “She was very caring. She spent several hours with my husband and me explaining my options. My choices were a lumpectomy followed by radiation, a single mastectomy or a double mastectomy. She explained everything very thoroughly so we could make our own choice.”

photo of Dr. Kathy Langston

Kathy Langston, MD

Vanda decided to have a double mastectomy with breast reconstruction at the same time. Less than 3 weeks later, she had her surgery at Capital Regional Medical Center. “Everyone at the hospital was wonderful,” she says. “I have never seen so much attention given to me.”

Although Vanda’s breast reconstruction requires multiple surgeries over a period of months, her cancer treatment was finished after the mastectomy. “An oncologist reviewed the test results with me a few weeks after her surgery and told said everything came back clear. He said he didn’t need to see my again. All the cancer is gone.”