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Capital Regional Medical Center Set to Expand

August 08, 2011

Hospital receives approval to build 8th floor, which will add more than 40 beds

Tallahassee, FL - Capital Regional Medical Center announced today in a press conference that it will build an 8th floor onto its facility. The expansion will allow the hospital to add more than 40 private beds to the hospital’s capacity and is also expected to bring more than 100 new healthcare jobs to the area. Local legislators and community leaders were in attendance as the plans for the expansion were shared.

“At Capital Regional Medical Center, we are committed to the great health of our friends and neighbors in our community,” says Bud Wethington, President and CEO of Capital Regional Medical Center. “This expansion represents our dedication to serving the Big Bend region by offering an even greater capacity to care for its citizens.”

The expansion will bring more than 100 new healthcare jobs to the area, an important fact highlighted by Beth Kirkland, Executive Director of the Tallahassee Economic Development Council.

“The expansion of a major healthcare facility is great news for our area,” says Kirkland. “Not only are high-quality, well-paying jobs in healthcare an important factor in our area’s economic recovery, such advances position Tallahassee as an increasingly desirable location for companies looking to relocate.”

Capital Regional will break ground by spring of 2012 and the new floor is scheduled to be open for patients in 2013.

This news comes shortly after the one year anniversary of the opening of the Gadsden Memorial Campus. The state-of-the-art 24/7 emergency facility opened on June 14, 2010 to serve the immediate healthcare needs for Gadsden County, which had been without access to local healthcare for five years. Since its opening, the Gadsden Memorial Campus has served more than 21,000 patients and filled a major healthcare void for a vulnerable community. The presence of the facility has reduced Gadsden County EMS 911 emergency transports to Tallahassee hospitals by approximately 50 percent, saving Gadsden County money in the process.

Capital Regional Medical Center is also expanding its services with the addition of a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Room and a dedicated Inpatient Pediatric unit at its main campus in Tallahassee. The facility will serve children in a space dedicated to their comfort and will include a team of the most highly-trained pediatric professionals in the area, ensuring that patients receives the best quality care possible. As part of Capital Regional Medical Center, the dedicated Pediatric Emergency Room will boast the shortest wait times in the Big Bend.

“At Capital Regional Medical Center, we know that kids need special care in an emergency and parents want to know their children are receiving the best possible treatment,” says Marie Johnson, Chief Nursing Officer at Capital Regional Medical Center. “The Pediatric ER will provide the most efficient, high-quality care for the Big Bend’s youngest residents.”

The Pediatric Emergency Room will open with media event and community open house later this month.

In addition, new quality measures reported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show Capital Regional ranks as well or better than the average US hospital on process measures and outcome of care measures.  Capital Regional uses these measures to consistently improve the care provided to patients.

For example, when a patient presents with symptoms of a heart attack, it is imperative to get them in to the cauterization lab and quickly intervene.  The national benchmark is 90 minutes; Capital Regional currently averages 55 minutes to get a patient into the lab, ultimately resulting in better outcomes for patients.

Patients reported that they would give Capital Regional a rating of 9 or better on a scale of 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) 68 percent of the time and 72 percent of patients said they would definitely recommend Capital Regional.

“These results further imply that Capital Regional is a top choice for quality healthcare of residents in the Big Bend area and expanding our services is imperative,” said Wethington.

For more information about Capital Regional Medical Center’s services, visit our website at CapitalRegionalMedicalCenter.com.